Sunday, November 1, 2009

Seattle, WA

Seattle was so much fun!!! We had to say "See you later" to Bob Lucas. Sad times, but he rocked the show hard enough to give me life long memories to look back on when I miss him. :)

After the show I hung Halloween style with some Seattle kids. I met so many amazing characters. Beth, the self-proclaimed Tranny Granny, was my favorite. Beth, if you're reading this, thank you for the magic. xoxoxoxo

We are in Portland today. Beautiful city. Went to a book store called Powell's and got a t-shirt I'm totally wearing to the show tonight! It has a book worm, under an umbrella, in a rainstorm, on the front of it. I'm stoked.

Tonight is Austin Lucas' last show with us. We'll miss him to pieces.

This tour has been the most awesome challenge, so far. I haven't smelled this bad since I was 11 years old and refused to take showers. Load in is in 20 minutes. I'm on a mission to find a sink and a plug for my hairdryer before the show.

Let's rock.

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  1. Your set was amazing last night. I loved how honest and authentic it was, right down to the little shaking of your strumming hand on one of the songs. I hope your career works out the way you want it to. Come back to Seattle soon.