Sunday, November 15, 2009

Austin, Dallas, & Little Rock

AUSTIN, TX @ Red 7 11/13/09

Friday the 13th, MwwwaaaaaahahahahahHAHAHAHAhahaha!

The show was great. Man, that crowd was incredible. Very generous. I saw people with their eyes closed just swaying back and forth to the jams and one girl already knew all the words to The River! Crazy!

It was Joey Cape's last show! :( We miss him already. We picked up Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price. They sing together and it's really awesome. Great songs, wonderful stage presence, awesome voices, WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?

Everything was going so well.... and then....

After the show, we went to this after hours music jam thing and it was awful. They made us pay 5 bucks to get in because they said they needed to pay for the beer. "It's a 5 dollar donation... SOOOO.... Five dollars". They kept saying "donation" but I'm pretty sure mandatory donation = cover charge. Let's be honest.

After we got passed the door Nazis, I started looking around for the beer I just payed for. Hmmmm, nothing to the right..... nothing to the left..... So I see this chick with a beer in her hand and I ask her, "Excuse me, where did you lay hands on that beer?" and she, with the dirtiest look she can muster, says to me, slowly and with venom, "At the bar." ...

...okay, at this point, I should have just bounced, but I went to the bar anyway; Guess what? Yep! OUTA BEER!!!!!... twice. I walked around that place for ten minutes and came back and still no beer.

Rude people, no beer, door Nazi's... fuck this mess!! We headed out and went to a pizza place where we met yet another pissed of person who stayed docile just long enough to put our individual slices in an oven and heat them up. The nicer I was to her, the ruder she was to me.

I refuse to believe this night represents the whole of Austin TX. I'm going back to play SXSW in March and, this time, I'm steering clear of anything but music.

DALLAS, TX @ The Prophet Bar 11/14/09

My family and friends came down from OKC and Edmond to the show. When I got to the hotel where my sisters were staying, I walked in the door and all three of them were snuggling in one bed. At the same time, they all yelled "COME SNUGGLE!!!" I jumped on them and it was like snuggling with the three cutest, warmest teddy bears you ever saw. I raced to take a shower and get back to the club. My brother came with his buddies, and my dad and his whole crew came. My Mamie was there with her best friends who called themselves The Bingo Ladies for decades but have now changed their name to The Grandma Groupies. :) Even my aunt Michele and cousin Molly came! It was so cool to see them all in the crowd. They loved everyone and everyone loved them which gave me warm fuzzies. I counted 23 of them!!! Holy moly!

The show was a blast. I miss them already. Christmas in Oklahoma is going to RULE!!

LITTLE ROCK, AR @ Juanita's 11/15/09

There were all of 20 poeple at this show, but it was one of our BEST. They stayed the whole show and we all went over to the billiards place next door to hang out for a while.

They make AMAZING burgers at this place. I wish I could remember what it was called, but it's like 2 doors down from Juanita's, so if you're in Arkansas, go get one! If you don't eat meat, they also make kick ass grilled egg, cheese, and jalepeno samiches. Mmmmmmmm...

I walked around in the rain with a new friend, and had a total blast. My purse is still wet. :)

Got back to the bus just in time to head to Memphis. Woke up, and here we are. We're playing Hi-Tone Cafe tonight. Should be yet another great show!

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