Wednesday, November 18, 2009


NEW ORLEANS, LA @ One-Eyed Jacks 11/17/09

We played in the French Quarter, so that means we got to walk around there all day. I ate alligator sliders and they were SO GOOD! The people of New Orleans are so speacial; lots of people smiling, not a lot of people seeming fearful. It has the cultural diversity of Los Angeles without anyone being too cool for everyone else. Everywhere I went it was, "How're you doin', Baby" and "Excuse me, Baby" and "Take care, Baby". :) Love it.

Before the show, I ate dinner with my friend, Lauren at her Dad's restaurant, Nola. We ate stuffed chicken legs and corn bread and crab cakes that would make you slap yo mama.

The show was epic. We joined up with the Zydepunks and they're with us until the end of the tour. They are so cool lookin', like gypsy train riders, and they sound amazing. Watching the crowd dance made me so happy and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the bartendresses tore it up! They were jumpin' around and dancin' and it was beautiful.

Thanks to everyone who came out!! Can't wait for Bottletree tonight in Burmingham!

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