Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Bday, Os The Turd Bucket!

I woke up, this morning, just in time to turn on KCRW and hear Patsy Cline singing Crazy. What a great way to start the day. Thank heaven for Morning Becomes Eclectic. If I'm not awake in time to hear it, I get so bummed. Anyway, great show today, as always.

Yesterday, I finally got all the suitcases out of the living room... and put them in my room... still overflowing. Wow, I'm so responsible and productive, I should write a book... I'll call it, "Under the Rug; The Audra Mae Story" hahaha. Actually that'd be way better as a Lifetime movie.

So, I'm trying to get this show together for Thursday night @ The Mint. Should be fun. I gotta say, coming off this tour, I'm a little nervous to do a solo show. I don't know why. I shouldn't say I'm nervous... how does Chuck Ragan put it?... I'm "fired up". :) I got THE FIRE! Lots of it, hahaha. It's just one of those things, I guess; I feel so different now. How can I describe it?... It's weird. It's like I've never been on stage or something. Why do I suddenly feel like I don't know what I'm doing? Shouldn't it be the opposite?

Got an iPhone today and lost all my numbers. Trying to get them all back has been interesting. Someone keeps texting me and getting a kick out of the fact that I have no idea who it is. They keep dropping little hints that make no sense and now I'm going insane... Whoever you are, this shit ain't funny today... maybe tomorrow, but NOT today.

So, I wrote the lyrics to one of the songs on Susan Boyle's album I Dreamed a Dream. For the record, I am so honored to be a part of something like this. I don't mean record sales, I mean HER. She's the ultimate symbol of the leap of faith. She's REAL and she's wonderful. Every time I see her face in print or online or on TV, my heart gets so warm for her. The song I helped write with Play Productions is called "Who I Was Born to Be", in case you wanna give it a listen. :) I'm so thrilled she liked it!

Anyway, it's my friend Os's bday today. He's probably been the one driving me crazy all day with the texting and the pretending he's from the Ukraine. Jesus. I guess I'll give him a happy bday high five anyway. What a turd. Anyway, my hair needs dryin'. :)

See you later alligators.

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  1. I thought the lyrics "Til I'm born again tomorrow" were "I'm going back tomorrow". Changes the feel a bit I guess/lol.......I like it better this way. I am in a fantasy football league with a bunch of lawyers...of which I am not one....anyway, one lawyer, Jimmy, was trying to wish one of the young girls in our league Happy b'day with the lyrics of "forever young"...another guy responded that that was 'creepy" I responded "watch the Last Waltz & see what Jimmy meant...Of course attorneys being the asshats that they are went on to argue about "nothing"....Jimmy finally responded with a link to your version & I freaked and have been listening to anything of yours I can get a hold of....remarkable to say the least... We all live in Chicago and i see I just missed your show at reggies....never been there but there are alot of better venues for you(my opinion)....let us know if you are interested in coming back and I can give you a list of the best venues in the area. Scott