Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day Off In Grass Valley

I took the most glorious shower of my life yesterday. That's not being dramatic, either... I've never felt closer to an Herbal Essence commercial in my 25 years of livin'. Best part of the day; I got my nails did!!! Hell yes!! Seriously, all day long, I had that old song "I Enjoy Being a Girl" stuck in my head. hahaha. Shameless music theatre references make me happy. :)

We ate gigantic burritos and chimichangas at Maria's in Grass Valley. I totally fell in love with that place. Great service, yummy margaritas, tasty food and they brought us some of the house hot sauce... heavens to Betsy that was good.

After we ate we went to see Paranormal Activity. I'm glad it was hyped up before I saw it because I think it would have scared the living SHIT out of me if I hadn't heard that it was the scariest movie ever made. I liked it, though. My only issue was (STOP READING NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT) her stupid boyfriend. She was way to smart to be with someone who says things like, "You're too cute to talk." and "I wonder why my face is scratched in the picture and yours isn't." Jesus. What a turd.

Came back to the bus after that and watched yet another movie about nerds who love boobies... go figure.

Now we're stuck in a truck yard in Yuba City because Goldie's got an oil leak. :( Poor Goldie!

Show in Nevada City tonight. Woot!!

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