Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nevada City, CA

We loaded a rental car and a pick-up in the truck yard in Yuba City and drove them out to the venue in Nevada City. We got there in plenty of time to walk around and contribute to the economy. :)

I got the coolest shit!!! A MUCH-NEEDED tamborine from Peru; Every time I try to play Jim's tambo it's all the way on the other side of the stage which means I have to either get in everyone's way or just stand there and clap like an idiot. haha. Anyway, it's sooooo cool. Sort of reddish brown wood and sounds like it's already got reverb on it. HELL YES! I found a leather hat, made in Morocco, that made me miss my step-daddy and little brother (they're Moroccan).

There was a chocolate shop where I got some pumpkin pie fudge and a caramel-and-chocolate-covered marshmallow... *swoon! The sweet woman who half owns the place said her husband makes most of the candy there... there was A LOT of candy there. I told her she was the luckiest woman in the world. :) P.S. Pumpkin pie fudge is the cure for homesick.

Last night's show was incredible. I know I say that every day, but I wouldn't if it weren't true. We played with the Anderson Family Bluegrass Band; Let me just break it down for you
-Mama Anderson, Bass, used to be a fire fighter, face like an angel, makes REALLY good veggie lasagna
-Papa Anderson, Banjo, the look on his face when his kids play music should be bottled and sold as a cure for all that ails you
-Paige Anderson, Guitar, Vocals, just turned 14, writes songs like a true story teller, plays guitar better than EVERYONE in the room...
-Amy Anderson, Fiddle, Vocals, 13 years old, she taught her entire family to sing harmony so they always ask her if they're doing it right.
-Ethan Anderson, Mandolin, 9 years old, showed Chuck a million things he never knew and it was so inspiring to see Chuck's eyes light up every time he played.
-Daisy Anderson, maybe 6 years old, played her first show ever last night with a dobro guitar twice her size. She sat behind everyone and just strummed away with her little thumb pick in the right hand and her slide in the left.

When Ethan, Amy, and Paige sing three part harmony together, it's like angels. Amy and Paige played The River with me and they already knew it when we sat down to practice which totally made my night. They did a great job! I'm so excited to play with them, again, tonight. We're in San Jose at Blank Club.

I just ate the best double cheese burger ever... mmmmmmmmm... well, half of a double cheeseburger. The other half is marinating in the fridge for later. Double mmmmmmmmm...

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