Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fo Mo

We performed at The Beauty Bar which has a really fun back area for music. It was outside so I didn't get all sweaty!!!!! Can you believe it???? AMAZING!!!

The show was like butta. We all had such a great time. Afterwards, we attempted a little gambling and lost a lot of money. Craps is the most confusing game I've ever watched. We walked up to the table and leaned on it like, "Okay, how we gonna do this?" and IMMEDIATELY got yelled at; "NO LEANING ON THE TABLE!!!" Oh shit, sorry! I spent most of the time trying to explain to this poor woman that we're reeeeeaaaaaalllly slow at this and asking Chuck, "Why are you putting the chips right there?" to which he ALWAYS replied "I don't know." hahahaha Well, we'd had enough of that in about ten minutes so we went searching for food. Let me tell ya, the plate of grub that ended up in my belly included scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, and a biscuit with white gravy on it. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

We went back to the bus with pumpkin donuts in hand and full bellies.

We spent all day in a parking lot of Chasers. It was hot that day; like 90 degrees. I just chilled in the shade watching these two black birds play. The first bird was very independent, walking around, shaking it's tail feather and everywhere it went, the second bird would follow. But the second bird didn't want the first bird to know so he kept pretending he wasn't following. It was so cute. He'd wander off, always eyeing the first bird, and when he thought bird one had found something cool, he'd run over there like, "Oh, yea, I was totally looking for that, too." hahaha. Anyone who thinks animals don't have souls, just doesn't speak animal. :)

The show was awesome. We had a mini industrial fan on stage which was really fun. I didn't realize it, at the time, but it was blowing my hair all around and when Jon Gaunt told me, after my set, I felt like a total rock star. :)

They split the crowd up between people "old enough" to drink and all-ages. Honestly, from the stage, I couldn't tell which side was which. I'd imagine if you wanted to have a beer but, you weren't old enough, you'd just drink it all before you got to the club. I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I'M PLEADING with America's sensibilities; If you're gonna send these people to vote, to war, or to holy matrimony, THEY SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DRINK. Wanna know why? Cause they'll do it anyway, and they'll look like idiots and maybe hurt someone because they feel like they have to drink everything they can get their hands on before they leave the house. Jeez louise. Guys, Gals, if you want to have a pint and you're 19, I suggest a trip to Merry Old England. :) It's really fun and you never drive anywhere anyway.

The elevation here is higher than Denver and we all felt it. Casey, our tour manager, is actually sick. We all feel like we're getting sick because of the elevation so it was a very quiet day. Everyone's worried about poor Casey. He was so sick, he couldn't run sound for us this night. Brutal.

We played The Launch Pad and our stand-in sound man's name was Erin and he took great care of us. This crowd was AMAZING. I mean, they went dead silent when Jim Ward played and since they could actually hear the lyrics he absolutely hypnotized them. There was more than one epic moment in his set and the crowd was right there with him the whole time. It was just beautiful. Jim's set was first so he totally raised the bar for the rest of us and we all stepped it up. Joey Cape was a master, once again, at pleasing the crowd. I learned and continue to learn so much from these guys.

I was ready to get to the lowlands after that show, tho. The thing about elevation is, you have to really pay attention to what you're putting in your body because everything affects you more when there's less oxygen around. I think the elevation only worsened Casey's troubles.

EL PASO 11/12/09
Take II is a fun place to play. They open all the giant windows on the sides of the place and you can sit on the ledges and watch the band. Casey was back with us, but half way thru the show, he was in a bad way again.

After the show we went to The Ope and Anchor, Jim and Christine Ward's bar. If you live in El Paso or you ever pass thru there, GO TO THIS PLACE. It was seriously one of the freshest bars I've ever been to. There are two, light-up, blue whales hanging from the ceiling on either side of the bar, a kick ass juke box (considering Jim's history, this shouldn't surprise you), a HUGE patio in the back, and awesome art on the walls. Can't say enough good things about it.

Tonight we're in Austin, TX. I'm so excited! I've never been here. We just pulled up in front of Red 7 and I'm about to go check out The Arab Cowboy, a hookah/coffee shop my buddies Dawn and Anwar. Woo Hookah!

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