Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where Am I, Again? 11/4/09-11/7/09

We've done 4 shows now and I've been so lazy! Where am I, again? Let's see;

San Jose @ Blank Club
11 4 09
We met Conrad from Possessed By Paul James at this show. He plays fiddle, banjo, and guitar and sits in a chair with a board under his feet so you can hear him stomp. His voice is so old school and his songs are just wonderful. This man is SO MUCH FUN to watch. GO LOOK HIM UP!

Sacramento @ Blue Lamp
11 5 09
A wonderful group of friends of mine live here and they hooked us up with so much LOVE! They made us pot roast and vegan chili and cookies and brownies and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... We loaded the bus with leftovers and everyone went to bed with full happy bellies. Thanks so much to Pauline, Phyllis, Craig, Joan, Andy, Stacy and Shelby for all the hospitality.

11 6 09
San Fransisco @ Slim's

I woke up in San Fran to some not so fun phone calls from home; My aunt, Mary Kay, passed away that morning at 10:10am. She had brain cancer and my entire family had been taking care of her in her last days. She was surrounded by love before she went, but I wished I could have contributed in person. Being thousands of miles away from my family when they're in pain is not something I'm accustomed to. It was a strange and lonely. I wanted to be there to shield them from all from real life, or maybe to be distracted from it, myself. I don't know. I miss her.

Joey Cape joined us here. If you don't know of his songs, they're GREAT. It's gonna be really fun to keep playing with this dude.

This was also our last night with Anderson Family Bluegrass Band. I got so many great videos of them. One of the photographers taught little Daisy Mae Anderson who to work the cameras; She was taking kick ass video and digital pics ALL NIGHT. She's 8 years old, so she fits in the tiniest places and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Every time I tried to say goodbye to her or her family she'd remind me that it's not "goodbye" on the road; she'd say, "No, Audra, it's SEE YOU LATER!!!" I'll miss that family very very much. :(

Los Angeles 11 7 09
Aaaaaaahhhhh, Los Angeles. We played the El Rey and it was the COOLEST show I've ever done. The crowd was totally ready for it and we were so ready to give it to them. By the end of the show, Frank and Jim were out in the audience with tambourines and microphones and it was like a real revival minus the judgement. :)

We're on our way to San Diego now. I'm HUNGRY. HUUUUUNNNNNGGGGGRRRRYYYYY! I had a donut and a taco and some coffee and now I.... WAAAANNNT.... MOOOOOORRRRREEEE. hahahaha.

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  1. Audra, Saturday night was spectacular! Your voice brought tears of joy to my eyes. It was my first time at the El Rey and what an awesome venue. I live in Bakersfield so we didnt even get home till like 2:30am but it was soooo worth the drive. Thanks for such an energetic show! We'll be back to the big city when your playing again. Cheers and safe travels.