Monday, November 9, 2009

Rock The Casbah

Last night was The Casbah in San Diego. There are planes, trains, and automobiles everywhere around the intersection where the club is and it was SO COOL to hear a train go by and see an airplane come in for landing so low and close to the buildings.

My best friend, Brent, came down on the bus with us (WAY cool of Chuck) and sang a couple songs with me. We sang together for years and haven't been able to in a while because we're both so awesome and busy all time. :) Anyway, I got to go on tour with my best friend for a minute which was a beautiful surprise. So, thank you, life. We had dinner with Blue, my awesome publisher/bro, and his friend, Scott. I had the most AMAZING squid ink pasta. Duuuuuuuude. After the show, I reheated it and easily a 1/4 cup of oil came out. Chuck begged me to drain it in a bowl so he could dip toast in it. hahahaha, he may have cried a little when he tasted it, but we won't tell, right?

The place was packed. Everyone there was so nice and, I must say, Chuck Ragan fans are hot. I'm sorry, but it's true. These guys showin' up with mustaches and flannel shirts and meat on their bones is just the sweetest breath of fresh air. Of course the gals are gorgeous, but you would assume that would be the case. :) Gorgeous in a way that's so different from the norm because it comes from a place of sincere self confidence. That makes all the difference. If you feel good about yourself, it shows through, whether you're wearing make-up or not.

Everyone's set in the show was solid as a rock. Hearing these fans scream along to every word these amazing guys sing, is totally inspiring. Imagine lot's of fists in the air, arms around each other, beers in hand, swaying back and forth to songs about not growing up, working hard to play hard, love and pulling up the poor. Every night it's a different show and, still, every night is magic.

Tonight, we play the old strip in Vegas at Beauty Bar. It's outside so maybe I won't sweat like a boy so much. hahaha.

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