Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

On our way to Seattle. Driving through Idaho right now. BEAUTIFUL countryside. We're so ready to play a show!!! It's been fun finding ways to pass the time, but that's not what we're here for.

This bus smells like b.o. and piss. We fabreezed EVERYTHING this morning, including ourselves, and now my coffee tastes funny. hahaha. If I start trippin' later, we'll know why. I feel bad for anyone who ends up on this bus and doesn't know what they're in for. Whew.

It's Halloween... I wanted to be an owl this year. I miss LA today. I'm gonna put all my homesick energy towards this show tonight and give the folks in Seattle their money's worth. Hopefully they won't be able to smell me from the audience.

Seattle here we come! Happy Halloweeeeeeen! :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

3 shows canceled and Chuck turns 35 today

Bozeman, MT will be the 3rd show we've missed because of weather including Salt Lake City and Denver. Bob Lucas is singing the blues next to me right now. We're all so bummed. It's Chuck's birthday today, too. We celebrated last night with confetti poppers and microwavable chocolate cake. The vibe was warm and cozy but not warm enough to melt the ice on the road.

All we could to was pass the time, waiting out the weather for two days, in Ogallala, Nebraska. There are some really nice people there. Right across the street from where we parked the bus was a wonderful antique shop we nosed around in for a couple hours and an all-you-can-eat diner in the truck stop who's menu read, "It's not homestyle if you can't ask for seconds." LOVE THAT!

Casey, our amazing tour manager, Jon Gaunt and Austin Lucas made a snow man with round pickles for eyes, a carrot nose and sliced apples for a mouth. Chuck named him Penfold. :) He held an empty bottle of Jameson, smoked a Marlboro and wore a trucker hat. Hahaha, how lucky to be with people you adore when stranded in the middle of nowhere. We listened to Fugazi and Leonard Cohen, wrote songs, and played dice games into the night.

Now we're on the road again in the hopes we'll make it to Seattle for the Halloween show tomorrow night. Looking out the windows of the bus, all I can think about is how cold all these cows must be. Colorado is beautiful.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis & The Aquarium, Fargo

Triple Rock was AWESOME! We really hit a groove and the crowd gave us so much to work with, we could have played all night if they'd have let us. The staff of the place was so wonderful, from the sound man to the bar tenders, everyone was a pleasure to work with.

We had a little room backstage and during the show everyone was walkin' back there, between their sets, talkin' about how lucky we are to be able to do a tour like this. We ARE lucky. It was a big ole' love fest. :)

After the show Jim Ward and I worked out a little rendition of Rainbow Connection which we performed last night at The Aquarium in Fargo, ND. The whole crowd whistled with us! It was joyous. The show was so much fun, again. GREAT crowd.

What a nice town. We got a chance to go have a hot meal at the lovely home of some friends of Chuck Ragan... mmmmmmm... pot roast. We got to hang out with their youngins and colored and watch Kung Fu Panda. Hahahaha! It was a BLAST. Everyone was so warm and hospitable.

I found it very endearing that so many of the folks in Fargo thought they had ugly accents when they spoke. For the record, I LOVE THE FARGO ACCENT!!

So, this afternoon, we got some bad news. We have to cancel the show in Denver, CO. I don't know if y'all saw the news, but there's a crazy blizzard there right now. We have to go to Salt Lake City for the show tomorrow, anyway, so we're just heading there instead. It's a total bummer. We have to drive through the blizzard, too. Jim Ward just pointed out "It's like being on a ship that's headed into a hurricane. It's in the back of all of our minds and the ship is creakin' a little louder than usual." Lucky for us, Greg is at the helm. He's the best bus driver either side of the Mississippi.

Anyway, I hope the folks in Denver, and anywhere else this storm is headed, are keeping really warm and cozy!! We'll be sending you lots of good thoughts today!!!! And, we're sorry we have to miss you. :(

Salt Lake City, or BUST.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Reggie's Rock Club, Chicago

Okay, so Chicago was a little less scary than the night before! :)

First of all, Reggie's has the TASTIEST Mac & Cheese I've had in months. If it had been bright enough in the bar, I would have taken a picture.

Right, so the show! It was soooo much fun!!! The crowd was straight up ready for it, too. If you were there and you're reading this, thanks for such a great night.

After the show, we did an open mic at the bar and Mark Kurs One played a couple tunes. If you don't know who he is, LOOK HIM UP. He's a TOTAL one man band... the man played bass with his toes.... his toes.

Anyway, we're in Minneapolis tonight. Can't wait to meet this crowd and give 'em their money's worth!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cleveland at The Grog Shop

The first show was absolutely terrifying. Holy shit. These guys are reeeeediculously talented. I had no idea what I was doing, but no one really seemed to notice. Hahaha.

I saw some of the most awesome performances I've EVER seen live and it was only the first night. My head is gonna explode. I can't wait to share some videos! I saw more than one audience member stand glued to their spot for at least two hours. It was so cool to watch. So cool.

Tonight is Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago. It's gonna be a good one. I can feel it. :)

Check out and if you don't have tickets for the show closest to you, yet, get some!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Graduation Day; Welcome To Kindergarten

Tomorrow morning I leave for The Revival Tour. Saturday night I start in Cleveland, OH joining Chuck Ragan, John Gaunt, Digger Barnes, and a whole cast of gypsy lumberjack punks gone acoustic for a month-long tour across the U.S. of A. Needless to say I'm bringin' a fishin' pole. :)

I wanted to chronicle this adventure with an ongoing scrapbook and so "Audra Mae Was Here" is born today.

Here are the dates of all the shows...

10.24.09 The Grog Shop
10.25.09 Reggie’s Rock Club- Chicago, IL
10.26.09 The Triple Rock Social Club- Minneapolis, MN
10.27.09 The Aquarium, Fargo ND
10.28.09 The Marquis Theatre- Denver, CO
10.29.09 In The Venue- Salt Lake City, UT
10.30.09 The Filling Station- Bozeman, MT
10.31.09 El Corazon- Seatle, WA
11.01.09 Berbati’s Pan- Portland, OR
11.03.09 Cooper’s Ale House
11.04.09 The Blank Club
11.05.09 Blue Lamp- Sacramento, CA
11.06.09 Slim’s- San Fransisco, CA
11.07.09 El Rey Theatre- Los Angeles, CA
11.08.09 Casbah- San Diego, CA
11.09.09 Beauty Bar- Las Vegas, NV
11.10.09 Chasers Night Club- Scottsdale AZ
11.11.09 Launchpad- Albuquerque, NM
11.12.09 Take 2- El Paso, TX
11.13.09 Red 7- Austin, TX
11.14.09 The Door; The Prophet Bar- Dallas, TX
11.15.09 Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom- Little Rock, AR
11.16.09 Hi-Tone Cafe- Memphis, TN
11.17.09 One Eyed Jacks- New Orleans, LA
11.18.09 Bottletree Cafe- Birmingham, AL
11.19.09 The Masquerade; Hell Stage- Atlanta, GA
11.20.09 Common Grounds- Gainseville FL
11.21.09 State Theatre- St Petersberg, FL
11.22.09 The Social- Orlando, FL

Another journey into the unknown. It's taken so much learning to get to this jumping off point. The feeling is hard to describe... It's like, Happy graduation day! Welcome to kindergarten. :)

More info at the following addresses...