Friday, October 30, 2009

3 shows canceled and Chuck turns 35 today

Bozeman, MT will be the 3rd show we've missed because of weather including Salt Lake City and Denver. Bob Lucas is singing the blues next to me right now. We're all so bummed. It's Chuck's birthday today, too. We celebrated last night with confetti poppers and microwavable chocolate cake. The vibe was warm and cozy but not warm enough to melt the ice on the road.

All we could to was pass the time, waiting out the weather for two days, in Ogallala, Nebraska. There are some really nice people there. Right across the street from where we parked the bus was a wonderful antique shop we nosed around in for a couple hours and an all-you-can-eat diner in the truck stop who's menu read, "It's not homestyle if you can't ask for seconds." LOVE THAT!

Casey, our amazing tour manager, Jon Gaunt and Austin Lucas made a snow man with round pickles for eyes, a carrot nose and sliced apples for a mouth. Chuck named him Penfold. :) He held an empty bottle of Jameson, smoked a Marlboro and wore a trucker hat. Hahaha, how lucky to be with people you adore when stranded in the middle of nowhere. We listened to Fugazi and Leonard Cohen, wrote songs, and played dice games into the night.

Now we're on the road again in the hopes we'll make it to Seattle for the Halloween show tomorrow night. Looking out the windows of the bus, all I can think about is how cold all these cows must be. Colorado is beautiful.

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